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Become the calm, confident mum you want to be for your family.

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Karina Lane: 

Parenting Coach & Mum of Four

From: Karina Lane

Sydney, Australia

Are you done with the overwhelm and stress of motherhood - and ready for smarter, calmer parenting?

Would you like to:

  • Control your reactions to parenting challenges & dramas (and choose the response you'd prefer)? 

  • Dramatically reduce behavioural challenges and meltdowns (using techniques that actually work!)?

  • Get your child to listen and co-operate - without the battles and crazy-making arguments?

...And basically, feel GREAT about the job you're doing as a mum - instead of beating yourself up with toxic guilt ??

Let me guess some things about you...

You have young (or not so young) kids, and life has got harder, not easier - even though you're well past the baby years and sleepless nights.

You thought parenting was meant to hit easy street when the kids could walk and talk but life has been anything but a breeze lately. 

It's like Emotions Central at your place: someone's always crying, yelling, or losing it (sometimes it's you).

You desperately want to be a calm, patient parent (you used to be so chill!) but you don't know where to start.

Your techniques aren't working. You feel like you're always snapping and impatient. Guilt eats away at you every night and you're desperately worried you're not measuring up for your kids.

You're Not The Mum You Thought You'd Be

I get it because I've been you. And I've met hundreds of mums just like you.

You’re stuck in a parenting RUT, trying to use ineffective techniques to manage your mood and your child’s behaviour.

You’ve been there so long, you don’t know the steps you need to break free and become the happy, calm and confident parent you truly want to be.

I can help you with that.

After years of helping mums and their families discover the no-stress parenting path, I've laid out the roadmap you need to follow in my new book, Chilled Out Mum.

In it, I'll show you how to become a strong, self-assured, and seriously chilled out mum so you can: 

  • Stay in control, even when faced with the biggest parenting dramas   

  • Know exactly what to do to manage Big Behaviour and support Big Feelings  

  •  Feel more fulfilled, energised and happy every day. 

''Karina, your book has changed my house! It's opened my eyes to so many things!'- Emma

Looking to raise incredible kids without the overwhelm, stress and guilt that typically comes with being a mum? 

Chilled Out Mum will show you how. Plus, as a mum of four myself, everything I teach has been tried and tested by yours truly, so I know it works :)

Introducing: My Step-By-Step Guide To Calm, Confident Parenting & Raising Incredible Kids 

Get Chilled Out Mum + 4 Incredible Bonuses For Just $4.97 AUD 

You'll Get: 

  • A Digital Copy of Chilled Out Mum 

  • ​BONUS #1: Audiobook of Chilled Out Mum

  • BONUS #2: The Connection Script 

  • BONUS #3: The Magic Formula Workshop

  • ​BONUS #4: On The Same Page Parents' Guide

You’ll receive Chilled Out Mum as a digital book to access on any device 

and all of the included bonuses.


Get All Of The Above  + A Hard Copy Version Of Chilled Out Mum For Just $39.97 AUD 

* includes Australia-wide shipping

Being A Calm Parent Takes More Than Breathing Techniques 

Can we talk about what's not working right now for you?

Maybe you think you need to meditate and practice deep breathing in order to become a calmer parent. Pick up yoga. Think peaceful thoughts.

Those things are great, but they're not enough. Why? Because becoming a calmer parent means you need a deeper approach.

Relying on breathing techniques to work will never give you:

  • The insight to understand why your child behaves the way they do

  • The mindset and mastery to manage your emotions and stay in control

  • The best tools to manage Big Behaviour and support your child's feelings

Without these three things in place, you'll never be able to solve your parenting struggles for the long-term.

It took me a long time to figure this out. Back when my firstborn was a preschooler, I was baffled by his behaviour.

Like many other mums, I tried the naughty step and time out to get him to change his ways. It never worked - in fact, it made things worse.

When my twins arrived, we had four kids under school age. I needed tools and strategies that worked.

I tried many things. 

I developed convoluted sticker charts and reward systems to manage behaviour. Removal of privileges and prized possessions. Consequences. Nothing lasted and my stress levels were off the charts.

Fast forward a handful of years and things are very different.

I haven't used time out in over a decade.

Shouting and losing the plot is virtually a non-event in my house.

My kids are generally well-behaved and respond to the techniques I use.

I’m confident that my discipline strategies not only work but actually teach my kids

valuable life lessons.

I never waste time feeling guilty about my parenting.

I'm not telling you this because I'm a perfect mum. Far from it. I'm telling you all this because this can be your reality too.

It's not that hard - in fact, when you know the steps, you'll marvel at how simple this approach really is.

And that's exactly what my book, Chilled Out Mum, will show you.

In this brand new book, I'll reveal everything I've been using in my own parenting, and the exact processes I use with my mum clients to get them the same results. I call it the Chilled Mum Method.

'Reading this atm. Changing my life :) ' - Sam

The Results? A Go-To System For No-Stress Parenting AND For Managing Your Strongest Emotions On The Daily

It’s simple and it works.

In this book, I'll share how you can score the 3 BIG WINS that will transform your parenting world when you implement the Chilled Mum Method:


This win gives you your sanity back and allows you to discover how to master your mindset so you no longer feel lost and overwhelmed by daily parenting challenges.

You'll also discover how to stay in control of your mood and emotions so you can kick the shouting habit aside and reach for smart, responsive parenting solutions, every time. This will set you free from toxic mum guilt and stress!


Truth time: if you find it hard to understand and manage your child's behaviour, you have a disconnection issue. The Chilled Mum Method will help you repair and strengthen your connection with your child so it's rock-solid, even on the most challenging days.

This is the best way to make sure your child always comes to you with problems and feelings - even when they're in their teens. Wouldn't it be great to stop worrying about the future and know for sure that you were laying the best possible foundations for a healthy and happy life?


You dream of a calm, loving family home - one that's creating happy memories and where everyone wants to be. Want to make it a reality? The method outlined in Chilled Out Mum will make this vision part of your everyday life.

If I can do it, so can you!

You'll adopt a reliable parenting approach that really works and makes everyone in the household feel at ease. No more winging it or feeling your way in the dark about what strategy to use when, and no more complicated parenting systems that make life even more frantic than it is.


You don't have to spend hours implementing the suggestions and it won't take months before you see positive results.

You'll notice changes within days of trying the ideas out.

Plus, it's short. I'm not one for fluff and filler and I can't stand those books that make you wade through pages and pages before you get to the good stuff. 

With me, it's action all the way, lady. Right from the start, I'll show you what needs to change and the best way to do it. 

Here's a fraction of what's inside:

  • Feeling exhausted? Chapter 1 reveals what’s really going on (and it’s not just about needing more sleep!)

  • The 3 biggest parenting obstacles facing mums today and why none of them are your fault! Don't worry, I'll show you exactly how to conquer them ;) 

  • Why you can stop using reward charts today and the much simpler way to manage behaviour  

  • Still using Time Out or the Naughty Step? Why these discipline duds don’t work and what to do instead

  • Revealed: the real reasons why your child doesn’t listen, behave or co-operate when you need them to

  • How to control your parenting triggers (hint it starts with understanding how they got there in the first place!)

  • Is your petrol light on? What a sad, conked out car can tell you about your parenting world (and what to do to fill your tank!)

  • Find out the truth about gentle parenting and why almost everything you’ve heard about it is dead wrong!

  • What working with prisoners taught me about raising kids - this is bound to help you too

  • Discover the secret key that will solve all your parenting challenges - and why no one else is telling you about this! 

  • What your child is really trying to tell you when they act out - and why it’s essential that you start tuning in

  • Ever been told to ‘ignore the tantrum’? Worst parenting advice ever - I'll explain why

  • How to deeply connect with your child during everyday conversation  

  • The parenting style most parents are using without realising it, and how this is derailing your relationship with your child

  • Want your child to become independent, confident and curious about the world? Here’s how to help them get there

  • The biggest discipline mistake parents make and why nothing will ever change if you keep doing this 

  • Discover the chilled out approach to challenging behaviour (and say goodbye to the stress, frustration and guess-work!)

  • What the “Magic 3-Step Formula” is and how you can use it to get your child to listen and co-operate (the first time)

  • The big problems with shouting and how to ditch the rage habit - escape the reactive parenting rut and channel responsive, chilled out parenting instead

  • How the Emotion Bubble can guide you on the best thing to do when your child is in meltdown (and save your sanity in the process!)

  • The worst thing you can do when your child is losing it - and what they need you to do instead!

  • The step-by-step process for becoming the calm, confident and in control mum you really want to be for your kids (hint: it has to happen in this order or it won’t stick!)

  • What building a house has to do with levelling up your parenting

  • The best, most powerful parenting goals to set - so you actually get big results, fast!

  • Want your child to develop emotional intelligence? It starts with understanding this very simple but important concept

  • How to support your child’s biggest and strongest feelings, even if you feel stuck or lost for words

  • The quick and easy technique to dissolve your child’s meltdown – it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic!

  • The hands-down best way to set your child up for a happy and healthy future (so you can stop worrying about it and get some sleep instead!)

  • The 5-step process that will bring you and your child closer and keep misbehaviour at a minimum. Hardly any parents know about this underused tool!

  • The big lie we’ve been told about discipline. I'll share what you really need to know about challenging behaviour and how to manage it

  • How to approach misbehaviour and boundary-pushing with confidence and calm - forget winging it in the moment and feeling stuck for what to do. I'll show you the easier way to take control and change the scene (no sticker charts needed!)

  • Feel like  a shouty mum and not okay with it? Discover how to break the yelling habit and get through to your kids without raising your voice

  • What to do and say when your child's in Big Feeling mode (and why the worst possible thing to do is walk away and leave them to it)

  • How a simple maths formula will completely transform your relationship with your child (this is my favourite part of the book!)

  • Master the art of setting rock-solid boundaries that protect your precious energy and space (this is essential for calm parenting AND for your life!)

  • Worried about the teen years? I'll show you the best way to ensure your child always comes to you and that your relationship is strong enough to weather ALL the storms

  • How to give yourself more energy and vitality as a mum – yes, this is possible! I’ll show you how to get started and why this is so great for your kids!

  • How to ditch mum guilt and never feel trapped by it again - seriously, NEVER! Goodbye sleepless nights!

  • What to do when you make parenting mistakes and how to make your imperfections work for you instead of against you

  • How a simple audit can change up your view on parenting and take your day from losing it to winning it 

  • Remember the bad guys in Grease? Their leader has some wisdom to impart - and this could change everything for you!

  • And much, much more... 

The best part is that this approach is...


I know you don't have time for a parenting manual full of one-size-fits-all ideas that sound great on paper but feel impossible to implement. 

The Chilled Mum Method outlined in this book is about getting you the results you really need in the easiest, quickest way possible...

...not another overwhelming item to add to your to-do list. 

Each idea I share will take only moments to digest and make a huge difference to your daily parenting life. 

When you start using these ideas, here's what will happen:

  • Within days (if not hours), you'll feel more in control of your emotions. You'll shout less and experience more patience.

  • You'll start to see your children differently, and understand what they're trying to tell you with their behaviour.

  • Meltdowns in the household will dramatically reduce. 

  • Your emotional intelligence will increase as you learn ways to support your child's strongest feelings (without getting overwhelmed). 

  • Behavioural challenges will happen less often and feel a LOT more manageable for you. 

  • ​You'll feel closer to your children than ever before (they'll feel the same way).

  • Family harmony will feel like a REAL THING in your house. 

When you start noticing all these incredible changes within days of using the Chilled Mum Method, something else will happen (and I think this one is the best reward of all): 


When you're stuck in a parenting rut, it gets harder and harder to truly enjoy being a mum. Feelings like frustration, stress, and guilt become such frequent visitors that it feels like there's no room for joy. 

Chilled Out Mum will change that for you. 

When you begin using my approach you'll see that good results bring about more good results, so that everyone in the household ends up winning - especially you. 


As you can probably tell, this book is much more than just another parenting book. 

The ideas I share will help you in all areas of life - your relationship, work, happiness, energy and fulfilment. 

So that when you get your parenting life to just the way you want it - through using the Chilled Mum Method - you'll notice that your personal life has changed for the better too. 

You'll feel happier, calmer, more content. Your confidence? Much, much higher. 

And your kids will love you for it :)

Because when we change as parents, our children ALWAYS notice, and respond in kind. 

Like I said, everyone stands to win when you implement the method outlined in Chilled Out Mum. 


Ready for some changes? 

You can get a digital copy of Chilled Out Mum for just $4.97 AUD and it will be delivered to you instantly so you can start reading right away. 

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can escape your parenting rut once and for all :) 

Get Chilled Out Mum + 4 Incredible Bonuses For Just $4.97 AUD

(the price of a cup of coffee!)

You'll Get: 

  • A Digital Copy of Chilled Out Mum

  • ​BONUS #1: Audiobook version 

  • BONUS #2: The Connection Script 

  • BONUS #3: The Magic Formula Workshop 

  • ​BONUS #4: On The Same Page Parents' Guide 

Choose The Hard Copy Bundle To Get All Of The Above + The Physical Book Sent To You For Just $39.97 AUD

*includes Australia-wide shipping

You’ll receive Chilled Out Mum as a digital book to access on any device 

and all of the included bonuses.

** Hard Copy Bundle comes with Digital Book and Bonuses

To help make your Chilled Mum journey even faster, I'm giving you these free gifts to help you implement what you discover in the book:

Bonus #1:

Audiobook Version

Too busy to read books? Due to popular demand, the audiobook of Chilled Out Mum is now available, so you can multi-task to your heart's content!

Listen to yours truly reading you a book that could totally transform your parenting world this year. Whether you're running, gardening or commuting to work, enjoy a thought-provoking, eye-opening audiobook that will change the way you see parenting - within just moments of listening!

By far the fastest and easiest way to get through an entire book, audiobooks are made for super busy mums like you, who want big results in the shortest time possible!

Bonus #2:

The Connection Script

Wish you knew how to get your child to open up and have a meaningful conversation with you? Sick of feeling lost for words when your child has something big to say - but know it's essential that you respond the 'right' way?

The Connection Script is your solution. Use my fill-in-the-blank script anytime you want to expertly show your child that you understand them, get them to communicate with you or just want a smarter way to start a conversation.

Hint: You can even use this script with other people you want to connect with - partner, friends, colleagues - watch all your relationships expand!

Bonus #3:

The Magic Formula Workshop

Get access to one of my most popular recorded workshops where I walk you through my famous 'Magic 3-Step Formula' for responding to challenging parenting scenarios. 

I'll describe each step so you know exactly what you need to say and do next time your child misbehaves or melts down. This will give you structure and put you back in a position of control and calm - even when you feel like you're about to lose it!

Bonus #4:

On The Same Page - Parents' Guide

Does it feel like you and your partner are on completely different pages when it comes to parenting some days? This can make it SO hard to parent with confidence! 

The On The Same Page Parents' Guide will walk you through 5 essential conversations to have with your partner to bring you closer together and get you working together as a unified parenting team!

How Much Longer Are You Willing To Tolerate This Struggle?

If you're still reading this page, I'm guessing that things are pretty tough for you on the parenting front, and I'm here to tell you that it's NOT YOUR FAULT! 

I know how tough it can be. You wake up with big intentions to stay calm, cool and zen with your kids...

Only to lose your chill by breakfast.

The last couple of years have been brutal for parents - and it's taking its toll on our wellbeing, emotion management and the way we show show up for our kids. 

Kids are struggling too, only this shows up in defiance, meltdowns and boundary-pushing, making parenting life even more stressful.

It may feel like the world is in turmoil right now, but you can still create a safe, calm and loving home environment for your family. 

Chilled Out Mum will help you:

* Remove parenting stress and chaos from daily life

* ​Confidently deal with family drama without frustration or shouting

* Become the calm, in control parent you've been striving to be (no matter how crazy life gets!)

If you're looking for real, long-lasting change in your parenting, this is the place to start. 

The advantages of using this method are outlined in the book, but at the very core of this method are these realities: 

  • You'll feel more confident because you'll have the best tools and strategies to use (that really work)

  • You'll feel closer to your child because your connection will be strengthened on a profound level

  • You'll no longer need to shout or lose your temper - and be free from toxic guilt as a result

You'll finally be the calm mum you've always wanted to be. 

There's simply no need to struggle any longer, not when you have my method to follow.

This is your passport to stress-free parenting and raising happy, healthy kids - and because it's based on world-class research, you can trust this to work.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm, frustration and guilt...

...and become a chilled out, confident mum...

Click the button below, get your digital copy of Chilled Out Mum and let me show you the way.  

What Mums Are Saying About Karina:

My Chilled Guarantee 

Here’s a simple promise:

Chilled Out Mum will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

Inside, you’ll discover exactly how to remove motherhood stress and overwhelm and become the calm, confident mum you want to be. 

When you read Chilled Out Mum and check out the included bonus materials…

...I guarantee you’ll discover new insights you haven’t thought about, perspectives that can help you in everyday parenting and genuinely increase your happiness and fulfilment. 

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

...just let my team know with a quick email to [email protected] and we’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.

This Is a One-Year Guarantee

That means you have 365 days to go through the book and all the bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

What you see on this page is what you’ll discover inside the book.

I guarantee you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the book for any reason, let us know so we can send you a refund.

This is a 365-day money back guarantee.


Q: Who is this book for?

A: Chilled Out Mum is for mums of young kids who are sick of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and worried about whether they're giving their kids the best of them. The book offers a step-by-step system for implementing a calm parenting approach and saying goodbye to stress and guilt!

Q: What ages should my kids be? 

A: Chilled Out Mum is geared towards families with children aged 2-12 yrs, however, you'll find that the techniques will help you no matter how old your kids are! Children need the same attention and connection from their parents across their lifespan, so the concepts inside the book continue to apply well into the teen years. 

Q: My child is neurodivergent. Will this book help me?

A: This book will help you if you're looking for tools to master your mindset and take care of your headspace so you can better meet your child's needs. It's written with a focus on wellbeing and sanity, so if you need more of this, it's going to help! You'll also find the tools useful to enhance connection with your child. 

Q: Will this book help mums of kids with ADHD?

A: Kids with ADHD need lots of support with their emotions, so this book will definitely help you uplevel your skills. It will also help you build resilience and coping strategies for those demanding days :)

Q: My partner wants support too. Will this book help both of us?

A: While this book is aimed at mums, the parenting approach outlined is absolutely applicable to both parents. 

Q: How is this book different from other parenting books?

A: Chilled Out Mum stands apart from other parenting books because of it's focus on YOU and your wellbeing, which is central to everything! It's also special because of its simplicity. The parenting approach I show you is easy to implement, makes sense AND is based on sound research.  

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: This offer comes with a 365-day guarantee, so if at any time across the next year you don't find these products useful get in touch with my team at [email protected] for a full refund. 

Q: What if I need more support?

A: The book and bonuses listed here will get you started on your Chilled Mum journey but if you decide you need more support or want results even faster, I can help. Email my team at [email protected] and we can look into what you need. 

About The Author

Karina Lane is a Sydney-based parenting coach and mum of four (five if you count the fur baby). 

Karina’s emphasis on mindset and emotional wellbeing sets her work apart from other parenting professionals. She believes that personal insight and self-development pave the way for an easier, more enjoyable family life. 

With a background in welfare and psychology, Karina's experience includes group work with offenders as well as parents. She is an accredited parenting educator for Tuning Into Kids, Tuning Into Teens, and Circle of Security, and has delivered early parenting classes at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney. 

Karina has been a regular contributor to various parenting publications, including Essential Baby, Kidspot, Practical Parenting, and Babyology. She has also partnered with Big W for their Bub & Me campaigns.

When she's not writing books and coaching parents, Karina loves coffee, watching fluff on Netflix and hanging out with her kids - who are her greatest teachers.    


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